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Volunteers are those who give of their time and talents to the community on a shorter-term basis. Some volunteers are resident for several months and others visit regularly, for a day or two each week.  Volunteers join in the life of the community, sharing their particular expertise, such as cooking, working in the garden or perhaps computer skills.

Our Volunteers have found Pilsdon a friendly working community and have given and received a lot during their stay. They have particularly enjoyed the fact that we operate as a large, extended family where we all muck in with tasks that have to be done.

If you join us as a residential volunteer, you will stay for six months or so; you will contribute to working with the animals, in the garden, the kitchen and with the maintenance of the house and its surrounding grounds. You will, of course, bring your own skills, but you will also learn new skills from others: there is always someone more than willing to show you what to do. It is desirable that you have a current driving licence, because there are quite a few occasions when you may be asked to take guests to appointments locally. We try to offer opportunities for you to try most things here, which certainly makes for an interesting and varied life.





For residential volunteers, accommodation is on site in a single room, and all board is included, so your needs should be few. You have access to all community facilities and we hope that all volunteers share fully in the life and activities of the community. Our days are long so your weekly day off and the occasional free weekend will be much appreciated.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact us for further information.  Residential volunteers will be asked to provide a CV, a reference and a letter from a doctor.  Please be prepared to come for a trial week to see whether Pilsdon is the right place for you.

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